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    Kings Fool is the only business card you’ll EVER need, and the only business card guaranteed to make you money! That’s because Kings Fool is both a business card AND a card trick.

    For as little as $29.95 you will have an unlimited supply of business cards or sell them as a trick and you will have an unlimited supply of income!

    The card trick effect:

    Point out the King is clearly in the middle of the five cards. Show them the back of the cards and ask them to put a paper clip on the King of Hearts. MOST PEOPLE WON’T GET IT ON THE FIRST TRY! MANY WON’T GET IT ON THE SECOND TRY!

    The optical illusion is so strong that people will want to show it to their friends. Kings Fool will be shown to more people than any other business card you will ever own.

    Click Here to see a demo of Kings Fool


    Do It Yourself

    The Kings Fool Do-It-Yourself Kit includes:

    A Digital Data Compact Disk (CD) containing all the image files needed to create your own customized cards on your own computer. (.jpg format)

    Over 20 minutes of video instructions and information to help you get the most out of your Kings Fool Business Cards.
    (.mpg format)

    Printed instructions for quick reference.

    Professionally Printed Product Sample.

    A coupon for FREE setup on your first order of professionally printed Kings Fool Business Cards. A $20.00 VALUE!

    Retail Price – $29.95 (+ $5.00 shipping)

    Purchase Kings Fool Do it Yourself cards

    Professionally Printed

    Kings Fool Business Cards can be custom designed and professionally printed in quantities of 200 or more.

    Ships 10-14 business days after proofs are approved.

    Printed with high quality vector graphics.
    Aqueous gloss coating on both sides.
    Choose from a large variety of fonts.
    Images can be added at no extra cost when you provide the image files.

    Finished Card size: 115 x 80 mm (about 4.5 x 3.125 inches)

    Business Card Window: 30 x 55 mm (about 1.125 x 2.125 inches)
    Portrait (recommended) or Landscape

    Remember: You can always sell your Kings Fool Business Card as a card trick for $2.00 each and make a profit!

    Additional Charges: Setup Fee: $20.00
    Shipping Fee: (varies)

    Optional Accessories: Vinyl-Coated Paper Clips: $7.00
    (assorted colors – 1000/Tub)

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