The Charitable Cheat ®

Unique Fundraising Ideas

Bored of the same old fundraising events?

Are you and your donors bored of the same old fundraising event? You know, Dinner, Silent Auction, Live Auction, Wash, Rinse, and Repeat. The Charitable Cheat® brings a fresh, new style of entertainment while adding an additional donation stream.

Games of chance not found in any casino!

These games are only found in a Speakeasy or in the alley BEHIND the casino. The Charitable Cheat® will cheat people out of their money, and all the funds go to your cause! And the best part, attendees will never have more fun losing than they will with The Charitable Cheat®.

It's a 3-way win!

Contact Kipp Sherry right now to find out how The Charitable Cheat® can help your nonprofit at your next gala event.

You offer more entertainment.

The philanthropists experience something fresh and exciting and will bring them back again next year.

You raise more money.