Have birthday party, family reunion, or fund raising event Coming up?
Kipp Sherry can entertain all ages, and entertain them all at the same time.

Private Magic Shows are better than a chocolate on your pillow. Make your VIP’s feel special.

Invite them to a private magic show where they become the stars. No cheap laughs at their expense, they are treated with the dignity they deserve.

Your Booth becomes the Main Attraction at the show.

Strolling Magic is great for a cocktail party as your guests are arriving.

Stage Magic makes a perfect compliment after dinner. Kipp Sherry can deliver both with his unique personal style.

Are you and your donors bored of the same old fund raising event? You know, Dinner, Silent Auction, Live Auction, Wash, Rinse, and Repeat. The Charitable Cheat brings a fresh, new style of entertainment while adding an additional donation stream.