• Exchange Rate

    This is a two great bill changes wrapped up in one great routine. It's completely assembled and ready to perform. Complete with gimmicks, bills, patter, and training.
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  • Kings Fool

    Kings Fool is the only business card you'll EVER need, and the only business card guaranteed to make you money! That's because Kings Fool is both a business card AND a card trick.
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  • Riverboat Shuffle

    A card trick with a legendary history. It all started on the Mississippi when the big paddle riverboat was queen of the river. Riverboat Gamblers would entertain (and swindle) the passengers on their slow journey.
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  • Out of Stock

    P-Pik Prediction Cards

    The cards are laid out side by side in no particular order. The spectator freely chooses any one of the cards. The remaining cards are use to force a number on the spectator in a very deceptive way.
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